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Since the fall of Somalia Government, children born and living in south Central Somalia have not known any other life but that which is filled with uncertainty because of prevailing civil strife.

Many are on and off school because many times they have to migrate from their homes, running away from war or natural calamities. Those who are lucky to complete their primary or secondary education find difficulty in finding college or job opportunities in Somalia. This makes life difficult for the youth especially those who are tagged with the responsibility of caring for their families. Many girls are also married off at tender ages and they are faced with a myriad of problems. There is however hope for these young and innocent school children.

Over the years we have been promoting a flexible approach to education for pastoral communities where children get basic education at their convenient times. We have also been actively advocating for girl child education to increase their enrollment in schools. With our partners, we have rehabilitated school structures and provided learning materials to various schools in Somalia. We also often conduct training for young adults in various topics that are practically useful for their development. 

We endeavor to increase the knowledge of school children and build the capacity of young adults for societal transformation and a brighter future.


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Sunday, 18 March 2018

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