Emergency humanitarian relief

In every emergency situation, many lives are lost and great losses are incurred. HARDO, which begun as an emergency response organization, has over 2 decades continued to save lives and provide hope for victims of drought, famine, floods and civil war in Somalia. Often displaced in over 80 IDP camps in South Central Somalia, thousands of families become highly dependent on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs.

As an organization committed to providing descent lives for all families suffering as a result of the catastrophes experienced in Somalia, we have managed over the years to go an extra mile not only to  save lives by providing them with immediate basic needs like food, access to clean drinking water, shelter and basic medication. But we also ensure that they become self-reliant by providing them hundreds of households with varied opportunities to develop income generating activities that provide them with the hope they need to live another day. This has included:

Providing them with capital start-ups for small businesses like cash capital for individual business entrepreneurs, livestock restocking for pastoralists and machine capital for women group businesses e.g. grinding machines for the production of vegetable oil and flour.


This month168

Sunday, 18 March 2018

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