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Approximately 90% of 3 million women living in South Central Somalia have either given birth or are giving birth to their children through Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs). This is because many hospitals established before the collapse of Somalia government in 1991 are no longer functional. Many children therefore born in South Central Somalia are not immunized against immunizable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Polio, Measles and Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus (DTP).

Pregnant mothers on the other hand often do not get proper antenatal and postnatal care leading to their poor health and lowered immunity. New born babies up to the age of 5 also suffer from acute malnutrition due to lack of proper diets for lactating mothers and lack of food or balanced meals for children. This is further aggravated by common ailments that both mothers and children suffer including Malaria, Colds and Flu and Acute watery Diseases (AWD).

HARDO’s integrated approach to communities’ wellbeing has for the past 2 decades been at the fore front in ensuring that health of both women and children is taken into consideration in all projects. This we have achieved by prevention and treatment through:

·         The establishment of Out Patient Therapeutic Programmes (OTP) 

.           Distribution of medical and health equipment to existing hospitals

·         Provision of mobile clinics for basic treatment

·         Distribution of mosquito nets for the prevention of Malaria

We soon intend to introduce immunization for new born babies under our Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition Programme (MAM) in Hiran region. This will benefit hundreds of new born babies.


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