Water and Environmental Sanitation

South Central Somalia, after several consistent months of dry weather, the land is dry and thirsty.

The water wells have little to give and communities literally scramble for what is left, for themselves and for their livestock. Some die in the scramble and the weak migrate miles away from their homes to find the one basic commodity, WATER.

Many don’t make it to the water sources, their livestock die of thirst and the sky does not promise to give rain in the nick of time. So how have they been surviving for all these years?

For 2 decades, we have been mining and harvesting water for community use by bringing water sources closer to the communities living in South Central Somalia. With the assistance of our partner organizations we have up to date sunk 7 boreholes that have to date never run dry. We have dug 60 hand dug wells and 162 water catchment dames that trap rain water.

Hundreds of households in South Central Somalia today no longer have to walk very long distances in search of water for their domestic use, their livestock and for irrigating their farms.

With prevailing dry weather conditions in Somalia however, much still needs to be done to make water more accessible to pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in order to limit their migration and to increase food security through irrigation schemes.


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Sunday, 18 March 2018

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