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Read testimonies of beneficiaries about their situations and how our activities have impacted in their lives.

Emergency response to Famine project, funded by AWO international for 3000HH in Hiran region (story written in 2011)

Iisho Aadan is a 37 year old woman from Cadaala camp who had 7 children but lost 2 to drought. She is currently expecting her eighth child and narrates her sad story with a weak smile but with hope that things will change for the better for her family. “We lost all our livestock to famine and I lost two of my boys who starved to death because they were too weak as they were suffering from diarrheal diseases and lost so much weight. I watched them die helplessly but I thank God for keeping my other 3 sons and 2 daughters. I used to fetch water and sell but now I am unable to carry heavy things since I am expecting my eighth born son and by God’s grace I shall soon give birth to him. I thank HARDO for coming to our rescue but I worry about recovering my livestock. Once I get my baby, I will have no means to feed him since I don’t have any other source of livelihood. It would however be useful for me if apart from the assistance that HARDO has given, I can be given money to buy other livestock or start a small business which I will use to earn some income to feed my children.”


Project funded by Mercy Corps in 2010 for 77 youths in Hiran region (story written in 2010)

“I thank God for our local elders who gave my name to HARDO and together with others we were given work to dig up water canals for irrigation from which we were paid $3(USD) per day for 45 days”said 19 year old Ibrahim.

Since Ibrahim Muxumad Maallim’s father died of a bullet wound in his neck 2 years ago, followed by his mother’s continuous illness, life has never been the same for him and his 5 siblings. As the eldest sone in the family he had to assume responsibility of caring for his family members.

“With the money I received, I’ve been able to buy some medicine for my ailing mother, food for my siblings and I’ve started a small grocery for my mother to support our family. I am very happy to see my mother happy again”commented Ibrahim.


Project funded by Mercy Corps in 2009 for 5000 IDPs in Mogadishu (story written in 2009)

Habiba raised her hands up in thanksgiving, begging ALLAH to bless those who helped her and her children regardless of not knowing her, her religion or her nationality.

Habiba Roble, a 36 year old widow of 6, living in Ceelcade IDP camp in Mogadishu was grateful to HARDO for assisting her with food and money which she used in feeding her children and to restart her tea and pancake business within the camp.

“I couldn’t believe that at any point in my life after my husband died 3 years ago, that I would receive theis kind of assistance from anyone”said HAbiba.

Habiba and her children received 25 Kg of rice, 25Kg of maize, 50Kg of sorghum, 25Kg of sugar, 30Kg of beans, 10lts of vegetable cooking oil and 60000 Somali shillings.


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