Floods hit Beletweyne Town

Over 8000 families (48000 people) are in severe crisis in Beletweyne town in Hiran Region,

Somalia, following floods that recently hit the town. They are in need of foodstuff, clean water, shelter materials, beddings, utensils, mosquito nets, jerricans for storing clean drinking water, aqua tabs for water treatment, basic medication to prevent Malaria and AWD outbreak and sanitation facilities like pit latrines in the IDP camps.

Recent reports indicate that heavy rains on 27th and 28th September 2012 hit parts of Somalia, causing floods in Beletweyne town and have left thousands of people homeless, 55 people dead, over 4000 animals lost to the floods and an undetermined worth property damaged. These rains mark the beginning of Deyr rainy season which is expected to last for the next 3 months until December 2012.

The floods were caused by excessive rains, bursting of river Shabelle and downpour from Ethiopian highland dams. Thousands of families are now homeless and have been forced to move from their homes to higher grounds on the East and West of Beletweyne town. Some could be seen trapped on trees and rooftops, clinging to their dear lives. Others have been reported missing and are feared to be dead. Business people who could assist the situation are also in crises after losing all their business property to the floods. A few local NGOs including our organization have moved into the town to save the situation but their efforts are still wanting, to cater for the thousands of families now left displaced. With thousands of animal carcasses floating on the flooded water, health hazard is evident.

Currently we are making appeals to well wishers to enable us assist the residents of Beletweyne town. You can support us by making donations to our account, under emergency.



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