HARDO was founded in 1992 by a small group of Somali intellectuals with diverse professional backgrounds following the civil war that left tens of thousands in peril in Somalia after the fall of Siyaad Barre’s Government in 1991.

We are a credible and registered local non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political charitable organization that is committed to caring for and improving the living standards of marginalized rural communities and vulnerable groups of people living in South Central Somalia, Somaliland and North Eastern Kenya, who are often prone to civil war and natural disasters.

Currently we have 100 employees specialized in various professional fields. Our headquarter office is based in Mogadishu, Somalia with implementing sub-offices in Beletweyn District in Hiran region,  Jowhar District in Middle Shabelle region, Hargeisa in Somaliland and Wajir in North Eastern Kenya. We have our coordination office in Nairobi, Kenya and supportive offices in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands.

We care about the well being of needy people living in our target regions i.e.  Mudug, Galgaduud, Hiran, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle and Banadir regions in South Central Somalia as well as Somaliland and North Eastern Kenya.Through grass root networking with like-minded NGOs and the collaboration of local communities, we implement humanitarian initiatives that save lives, alleviate suffering, maintain human dignity, support livelihood and provide sustainable development solutions to their economic challenges.

We are indiscriminate and therefore provide support regardless of race, colour, political affiliation, religious belief or gender.

We believe in empowering the needy with skills, tools and resources that assist them in becoming self-reliant. We therefore envisage Somalia as a country in which people can prosper and live peacefully, if there is equitable access to basic human needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, education and property rights.  We also envision Somalia as a country in which people are equal before the law regardless of their social class.


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